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“Tracey is a incredible trainer that not only knows alot about excercise but nutrition and general wellness as well.  I have lost 10kg in a healthy way with exercise and diet. Tracey has been a constant pillar of encouragement for me and has ensured I kept up my training. I think she is superb.”


“Tracey is, simply put, a cut above! I haven’t been training with her very long but I am so impressed at her work ethic and her passion for what she does. She is so well rounded in terms of training, nutritional advice and general well being. She is so encouraging and motivates me to do better daily. I look forward to each session I have with her and to reaching my goals with her by my side.”


“Wow here I was worried about the lockdown with no gym or no one pushing me when i want to give up.  But I can highly recommend Tracey the workouts given, easy eating plans and such motivation during this time has made lockdown easier to get through. Such amazing support.”


“Tracey you are a rock star!! Without Tracey’s help I would have never lost the weight for my wedding!
She always motivated me, gave me wonderful advice and picked me up when I was feeling low!! Your positiveness is just breathtaking and contagious!! Mwah!!”


“Tracey has helped me a lot with my diet and eating plan. She took it to the next level. I am so grateful to you, Tracey! Thank you for answering all of my 1000 questions and for giving me in-depth advise when I needed it.”


“Tracey has been SO proactive re Covid19!! After finding out what ‘equipment’ I have at home, Tracey has already sent me a whole set of exercises to do at home, and she can oversee my training using their app!
Absolutely fantastic, especially considering how great this is for my mental health during the crisis! Thank you Tracey!!”


“I would definitely recommend Tracey as a personal trainer.  I have been training with Tracey for a few months now and the training sessions are always focused and goal driven but also a lot of fun. She is an excellent motivator and knows how to push you to the limit to get the best out of you. She works with you to set up personal goals that you want to achieve and with her assistance there is no doubt that you will reach them. She also provides excellent nutritional advice. She certainly has all the skills required and on top of that she is a genuine good person with a great personality.”


“Loving online training with Tracey. I initially trained with her in the gym with great results but with the recent challenges that we are all facing she’s customized a daily training program so that we can keep fit in the comfort of our own homes. It doesn’t matter what equipment you have at your disposal Tracey will work around it, you’d actually be surprised what you do have to work with at home. What’s great is that the program comes with How-To videos to show you how to do the exercises if you’re unsure and Tracey can see exactly how you’re progressing and always keeps you accountable against your goals. Covid-19 and cold weather are no longer excuses that any of us can use”


“Thank you Tracey for being such an inspiration. After training with you for a few short months  I have seen a major difference in my body and my strength and fitness has improved 100%. You always manage to find new ways to encourage people to learn more about themselves and also what they put into their bodies. After completing the 8 week challenge I have learnt the importance of meal preps, and that has become a very important positive habit for me now. I also learnt about some other ladies struggles with food and your responses to everybody were always informative and helpful. My workouts are always new and exciting and I love that you are one of the first faces I see in the morning.
You are always friendly and motivated. I look forward to every gym session.”

Barbara D

“Tracey was my personal trainer for just over a year! She is an awesome trainer who’s dedication and passion for her work comes through in her training. I loved every minute of training with her and I loved all our conversations… if you looking for the best in town then look no further… Tracey is your person 🙏🏻 You, Tracey, are simple the best”


“Thank you, Tracey, for an awesome training experience and a very structured and successful 8-week challenge. Tracey motivates you and teaches you balance and enables you to be the best you, you can be!
I highly recommend this fab trainer!”


“Training with Tracey was the best decision I made when it came to improving my health. We have been together for about 2 months now and everyone has noticed my results. She keeps my body guessing since no 2 sessions are created equal. If you have the chance to train with Tracey Just Do It!”

Barbara H

“Training with Tracey has been such a rewarding experience.
She pushed me to train harder, I realised I have not been training as hard as I could.  She worked out 3 challenging workout programmes for me. Explained them beautifully so I knew exactly what I was doing. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.”


“You are absolutely amazing! And so helpful! The results I saw after 6 weeks with you are pushing me do more and more to be better version of myself! 6 weeks were absolutely amazing! So sad to leave you, and I wish you take you with me to continue. Thank you very much. All the exercises you gave me to do (some of them I hated) but they showed how strong I actually am! And I’m thankful for you pushing me hard, not being merciful, cause if not that I wouldn’t achieve what I did!
Thank you Tracey “the killer””


“I would recommend Tracey as a Personal Trainer for anyone of any age or fitness level. She is an excellent motivator, and the sessions are focused and goal-driven. I have set goals for myself I never imagined I would and have already reached big milestones with her assistance. She really knows her stuff and has also given excellent nutritional advice. Two thumbs up!”


“I have yet to meet or work-out with a more inspiring personal trainer.  Tracey has coached, motivated and dedicated herself in helping me achieve my goals. Her knowledge, drive and ability makes training with her an absolute pleasure. Would recommend this Trainer above all others as a first choice professional.”


“Tracey is 100% committed to helping clients reach their goals, super supportive and also loads of fun. I would highly recommend Traceys services!”


“yes i always enjoyed my training with Tracy and would definitely recomend her !!!”


There are different packages but no matter which one you choose, you will get the same amount of support to help you achieve your best body goals and most importantly, MAINTAIN YOUR RESULTS longterm.

Online Coaching is definitely the most cost-effective way of hiring a personal trainer, when you compare the price of an entire month to what you’d spend hiring a trainer in real-time or face to face which would normally cost upwards of R2400pm, if you’re having 2-3 sessions per week and often at least 3-6 months is needed depending on your starting point, end goal and how committed & disciplined you are.

Are you ready?

Online Personal Trainer & Vegan Nutrition Coach,


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