Helping busy people live healthy lifestyles
The full personal training experience, in your own time, at a fraction of the price, with all the results

Online Personal Trainer Tracey Garton

I’m an Online Personal Trainer and qualified Vegan Nutrition Coach specialising in helping busy people reach their healthy lifestyle & best body goals AND maintain them long term. I help busy people shape up and tone by building essential muscle and reducing overall body fat to reveal their best body. I do this by creating thoughtfully designed workout routines that you’ll love. I also provide important personalised, trackable, nutrition guidelines to ensure you can fast track your results.

In addition to the above I offer:
– Information and education
– Habit building through small manageable changes over time
– Progress tracking
– One-on-one accountability
– Group support (optional)

I started working out consistently around 2012, after having gained quite a bit of weight in a very short time. I was feeling awful, lacking body confidence, unhappy and withdrawn. I needed help, so I hired a personal trainer to help me and once I knew what to do and how to do it, I started seeing results. This motivated me to keep going and inspired me to get qualified to help others achieve their goals. I left my office job in 2015 to pursue my passion for health and fitness full time.

My mission is to look after YOU and provide you with the support, structure and a training routine to help you transform your habits, lifestyle and your mind and body as a result.

Real people, real progress

Personal Training Online

Available to anyone anywhere on IOS Android or desktop. Workout from HOME with or without equipment. Save money training at the GYM, by having your trainer in your pocket. Schedule workouts at times that are CONVENIENT for you, no more “lost sessions”. More AFFORDABLE than real-time or face to face training.

How Does Online Personal Training Work

We schedule a consultation call so that I can find out more about you and so that you can ask questions.

After receiving your email address, I will send you a link inviting you to complete your online profile on the app as well as the inbuilt consultation form. This form covers goals, challenges, injuries or medical conditions. You will also need to upload your photos and take your cm measurements which are essential for progress tracking and keeping you motivated. Once I receive proof of payment I load your training plan or start working on your custom program, depending on what you’ve chosen.

I’ll calculate your recommended calorie intake and the ideal breakdown of protein, carbs and fats for your goal, then I’ll send you the link to integrate MyFitnessPal for your food tracking, should you chose to do that, so that I can offer you advice along the way to ensure you reach your goals.

Once you receive your program and start working out, you can rate the difficulty of the workout and even leave a comment on the workout to help me better develop your program as you progress. I will check in with you weekly for a more in-depth check and you also have the option to join my WhatsApp group where we share proof of exercise and pictures and/or recipes of our healthy meals to keep you inspired and motivated along the way.

It’s not just a program, we’re a team: my strategy + your effort = results. It’s a full personal training experience.


“Tracey is a incredible trainer that not only knows alot about excercise but nutrition and general wellness as well.  I have lost 10kg in a healthy way with exercise and diet. Tracey has been a constant pillar of encouragement for me and has ensured I kept up my training. I think she is superb.”



“Tracey is, simply put, a cut above! I haven’t been training with her very long but I am so impressed at her work ethic and her passion for what she does. She is so well rounded in terms of training, nutritional advice and general well being. She is so encouraging and motivates me to do better daily. I look forward to each session I have with her and to reaching my goals with her by my side.”



“Wow here I was worried about the lockdown with no gym or no one pushing me when i want to give up.  But I can highly recommend Tracey the workouts given, easy eating plans and such motivation during this time has made lockdown easier to get through. Such amazing support.”



There are different packages but no matter which one you choose, you will get the same amount of support to help you achieve your best body goals and most importantly, MAINTAIN YOUR RESULTS longterm.

Online Coaching is definitely the most cost-effective way of hiring a personal trainer, when you compare the price of an entire month to what you’d spend hiring a trainer in real-time or face to face which would normally cost upwards of R2400pm, if you’re having 2-3 sessions per week and often at least 3-6 months is needed depending on your starting point, end goal and how committed & disciplined you are.

Are you ready?

Online Personal Trainer & Vegan Nutrition Coach,


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